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We think there’s strength in numbers.

There are lots of amazing indie authors out there, many of whom work hard to promote their own work online on personal websites. There are also some fantastic small press publishers sprouting up, with a few authors on their books, as well as traditional publishing companies.

We thought it was time for something a little different, something not quite a publishing house, and not a one-man band.

That’s why we created Auld Reekie Writing in late 2014. It’s a place where selected writers from Edinburgh can come together to promote their publications and support each other on their indie publishing journey. Our talented members provide a range of services to each other, and we have freelancers to help with any other services needed – including editing, proofreading, marketing, formatting and design.

Authors from Scotland’s capital are hand-picked by the existing team to join Auld Reekie Writing. Each new author brings something a little different with them – style, genre, market, characterisation. All our writers, though, are working hard to create great fiction, and want to shout about it together.

Our indie authors write for different fiction markets and genres, including YA, romance, detective, fantasy, SF and historical fiction.

Innovation and creativity as at the heart of Auld Reekie Writing. We keep an eye on the latest trends, use new technologies to promote work, and our authors publish for digital platforms (and print on demand). We have lots of plans for future collaborations and expansion too. We might turn our hand to small-press publishing, we might take on authors from outside Edinburgh – who knows? Publishing is now an ever-changing world, and we love it.

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Our Authors:

All rights rest with the individual authors, so if you’re looking to option their work, have a question or would like to connect with an author, please see their author page.

Proofreaders, Editors, Cover Designers:

We have a few freelancers in our database but there’s currently room for more. If you’re interested in growing your portfolio, send a bio, rates, CV, and links to your work and website to auldreekiewriting [at] gmail.com.

Author Submissions:

Please note that we are not currently looking for new authors to join the collective at this early stage, so we can’t respond to any emails about representation. Best to connect with us on a social network or sign up for our newsletter if you want to hear if there’s an opening in the future.

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