Amulet of Hecate Series

Captive Moon – Amulet of Hecate Part One

Sarah Snow seems just like every other demure young Victorian woman, but she hides a terrible secret. She has the power to resurrect her foolish brother Barty every time he dies. Sarah has given up hope of love and freedom, and her future looks like it holds nothing more than a cycle of restoring Barty to life.

When Barty wakes and finds himself with rotting flesh which Sarah’s magic cannot fix, she resolves to find a cure. Her quest leads her on to the path of the charismatic Elijah Swift, makes her question her dedication to family, and draws her towards the mysterious Amulet of Hecate.

Set in 1891 Edinburgh, Captive Moon is a story of duty, love and betrayal, with a magical twist.

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Captive Moon is the first book in the Amulet of Hecate series by Jane Charlotte.

Blood Moon – Amulet of Hecate Part Two

blood-moon-lowresAmè Dumaine is a vampire on a quest to seek a mythical amulet that will supposedly rid him of the terrible beast that lives within his soul.

He is joined by headstrong young witch Flora, who is determined to carve a new life for herself. Together, they track the Amulet of Hecate to its home in the north of Scotland, but discover that it already has a powerful owner. Together they must find a way to gain the Amulet of Hecate, and keep it from falling into evil hands.

Blood Moon is a story of battles, magic, love and transformation, set in Victorian Scotland. It is is the second book in the Amulet of Hecate series. While this is not specifically a sequel to Captive Moon, you may avoid some spoilers if you read them in order!

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